Friday, July 15, 2011

Dillon Colorado Farmers Market

I'm just back from the Dillon Farmers Market, and along with being the perfect weather day, it was such a refreshing time to see families enjoying the day together.  Music was playing and there were a lot of interesting vendors, though I was a bit disappointed that there were fewer fruit and vegetable vendors than last year but hope they are "yet to come"; especially those organic peaches and apricots from Paonia area. :)  I did find some Palisade peaches and tomatoes at the far end of the market.  My "buys" also included the fabulous fire roasted chilies from Bailey (, carrots, green beans and cantaloupe from Miller Farms in Platteville ( and as always.... Jumping Good Goat cheese from Buena Vista!  My personal favorite being Smokin Goat!  Set aside time to visit them for a tour or to volunteer at the ranch and of course, try all of their wonderful cheeses.  jajaBelle's Homemade Greek Pastries is a mandatory stop for me for her baklava - two pieces, both are already gone! Great follow to the fresh carrots for lunch! YUM!  She's found at the Dillon, Vail and Edwards markets each week. 

The Summit County Conservation Center was also present and had some great things in their booth at the market.   Please take the time to see what they offer on their website   - I'm very impressed with their commitment and all that they offer in Summit County!   Also bought some of Bella's Black Bean Hummus, made in Frisco, that was being sold at their booth!  Excellent!  

There's my shopping experience for today in Dillon.  I'm still smiling! 

Get out to your local market this weekend, enjoy!

Check out locavore colorado on facebook for some of todays pictures!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally fresh local fruit and veggies in Colorado!

We are finally beginning to see great local, fresh produce at the farmers markets, even in the high country of Eagle and Summit County, Colorado.  Last Saturday, at the Edwards Farmers Market, it was great to see sweet cherries and apricots from Palisades, zucchini, onions, cukes, carrots and more from Delta, and then very local lettuce and spinach thriving in my friend, Carols’ back yard in Avon!  I also visited the farmers market in Craig, on Thursday afternoon, to find local eggs, lettuces, cukes, tomatoes, homemade bakegoods, entertainment and a lot of happy and smiling people.  

Each market offers their own beautiful variety of delicious fresh and local food and unique ambiance.  Support your farmers markets and enjoy your own community “flavor”.   It's not all about the food; it's also about being part of, and supporting, your community.

Check out this link for a list of markets in Colorado, times and locations.  Enjoy! 

ps....A friend and I made some soup using the carrot tops and carrots and adapted this recipe this past weekend.  It turned out great and nice way to use the entire plant.  I also noted that radish leaves are edible too and could be used in salad or cooked in soups or stews.  Who knew?!  Very cool!